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A major theme in the ministry of Jesus is the defeat of satan and evil.  C.S. Lewis wrote that there are two common mistakes Christians make about the devil: to either ignore him as an immature and primitive belief, or to give him far more attention and credit than he is due.  If we take the encounters Jesus had with satan and the demonic out of the Gospels we lose a large part of the story and what it means that the kingdom of God is fully in us and among us.  This story traces the progression by which Jesus defeats satan from the time of his birth to His resurrection and ascension.

March 9 Matthew 2:1-21 "Facing Evil"
March 16 Matthew 4:1-11 "Resisting Evil"
March 23 Matthew 12:22-30 "Attacking Evil"
March 30 Luke 10:1-3; 17-20 "The Battle Broadens"
April 6 Mark 9:14-29 "A Minor Setback"
April 13 - PALM SUNDAY John 12:12-18 "The Beginning of the End"