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 This series focuses on the Beautitudes, particularly as they are translated/interpreted/paraphrased by Eugene Peterson in “The Message.”  Each beautitude is accompanied by an event in the Gospels that illustrates the Beautitude character (or its absence).

January 12
“The Poor in Spirit”,  Matthew 9:18-26
January 19
“Those Who Mourn”, Luke 7:11-17
January 26
“The Meek”, Luke 10:38-42
February 2
“Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness”, Matthew 19:16-22
February 9
“The Merciful”, John 4:7-10; 27-36
February 16
“The Pure in Heart”,  Luke 17:20-27
February 25
“The Peacemakers”, Matthew 20:20-27
March 2
“Persecuted for Righteousness Sake”, John 12:23-33