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New CD - Surprising Hope

Every fall as a part of our journey through the common curriculum, Greg Kay and others in the community collaborate to produce a CD of music to help deepen the experience and connection to the scripture and series. You can listen to the cd here, download it by clicking here, get the album art by clicking here, or pick up a physical copy at Spring Garden Church.

Highlights of the Cd are “May the God of Hope” featuring our own little “wee” kids choir, and “Psalm 30” written and performed by Sharon Kim.


Surprising Hope

1. Psalm 30

2. In Your Kingdom

3. New Day

4. Why So Overwrought? (Faithful Love)

5. Bread of Life (A Song for the Table)

6. May the God of Hope

7. We Believe


mixed, mastered and produced by Brandon Quek, 2014. All tracks written by Greg Kay except “Psalm 30” by Sharon Kim. Bass guitars by Mike Penner. Electric guitars and programming by Brandon Quek. Other vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars and harmonica by Greg Kay.

Photography by Erinn Bonney, design by Scott Moore