Syrian Refugee Care Initiative

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Refugee Care Needs and Updates

Sept 28 2017

We're in to our 9th month of supporting our Syrian family in Canada! They have been adjusting well, and learning English. The RAG committee has felt it is time to move to the next phase in getting the family integrated and self-sustaining in Canada. We would like to encourage them to look for a job, hopefully starting in January 2018. However, to get them there, we are asking you for help in the following activities:

- job search skills: resume building, searching and applying for jobs, interviewing

- potential job opportunities - personally accompanying them to Placement Agencies

- any other skills training

If you are able to help in any of these capacities, please contact us at 

We would like to have them start the job search preparations some time in October. Thanks for all your prayers and support!


Jan 29 2017

Our Syrian family is comfortably settled into their new apartment in Scarborough! Thank you all those who helped donate items and helped the family move in and set up! We have moved on to the next stage in our involvement with this family's life journey. We need to help them adjust and adapt to life in Canada. The family has connected with some other Syrian families in the same apartment and made friends. The family has been busy getting their medical needs taken care of,
going to the dentist, and prenatal care visits.

The two adult men have been attending English language classes for several hours a day. They have been progressing well! The end goal is for them to know enough English so they can start working somewhere. They have interest and skills in driving, cutting hair, and handy-man repair and may want to start using some of these abilities already.

The young mother is expecting her second child (likely a boy) in several months. We will be planning a baby shower for her! This is a great opportunity to meet the family and celebrate the occasion with a bit of Canadian culture! If you are interested in planning the shower with us, please us know by email! Gift cards from Walmart, No Frills, or a VISA pre-paid gift card make the ideal gifts for them at this point. The tentative date for the baby shower is March 4th.

We are looking urgently for "Social Walkers"! Although we have someone visiting the mother regularly for private English lessons, we feel that we can better support the mother in her adjustment to Canada if we could have more volunteers to visit her regularly and take her out for walks around the neighbourhood. This is a good opportunity for practicing and learning English, socializing, and getting accustomed to the surround shops, parks and services. It will also be a good opportunity for exercise for both the mother and the toddler. If you are a woman, and are free for a few hours for one day of the week, and would be interested in being a "social walker", please contact ! We are looking for 2-3 volunteers, who will do one visit a week, for a commitment of 1 month to start (as a trial). If it works out well, we would love to have you continue for longer.

We are still in need of volunteers are have some half days free during the weekdays, and can be available to drive the family to important medical appointments, doing grocery shopping, or going to shopping centres that may be a bit further than a comfortable TTC bus ride. Please let us know if you would like to be put on our roster of drivers. We will contact you and arrange for mutually agreeable times of volunteering based on your availabilities.