The Hebrew Old Testament contains twelve words that have been translated “wait” in English. Some of these words imply “serve’ (as in “waiting on tables.”) This series will explore six of the words that mean wait as in “be still, anticipate, etc.” that are also used to describe our relationship with God.
Sometimes we have to learn to wait. We want resolution right now, but either it is impossible, or if we force things we can do more harm than good. Each of these words offers insight into how we wait under different circumstances.

Nov. 17 - Isaiah 30:15-21
“Chakah - For When You Want to Run Away”
Nov. 24 - Psalm 69:1-4
“Yachal – For When Pressure has Exhausted You.”
Dec. 1 - Psalm 17:1-9
“Chul – For When You Want to Rush Ahead”
Dec. 8 - Psalm 104:24-30
“Sabar – For When You Have Run Out of Resources”
Dec. 15 - Psalm 59:1-10
“Shamar – For When You are Under Personal Attack”
Dec. 22 - Isaiah 40:27-31
“Gavah – When You are Expecting Something Good to Happen”