One way that we can engage in loving God and loving others at the same time is through prayer.  Our prayerline is a way for you to share your prayer requests and praise updates with the wider Spring Garden community as well as to take time to pray for others.

You can add an item to the prayerline by filling out the form below or by calling 416.223.4038 and following the instructions. 

Sept 25

On Sunday afternoon, September 24th, Ruth Thompson peacefully left behind her pain and disability and entered the presence of the God she loved. Ruth will be missed by her many friends, especially Faith Holwyn. Faith was Ruth's primary care giver before she entered a nursing home just months ago and continued to be Ruth's greatest support throughout.

May our Almighty Father renew Faith's strength and be with her as she grieves.

Funeral arrangements to be announced when available.

Sept 18

Faith Holwyn is asking for prayers for Ruth Thompson who is in the nursing home and is very weak with pneumonia. Ruth is nearing the end of her long and fulljourney here on earth. 

Peace pray for comfort and peace for Ruth and that Ruth knows and feels God's presence at this time.

Please continue to pray for Beverley Holtzman who received a double lung transplant on September 15.

Please pray that Beverley's body accepts her new organs smoothly and without complications. May these lungs restore Beverley to a wonderful new full life. Please also pray for her family as they support Beverley through the next months of recovery. 

May we also remember and pray for the grieving family, who unselfishly gifted Beverley these new organs. May God comfort them in their grief and give them peace knowing that they have gifted a precious newlife to someone else.

Sept 16

Please pray for Beverley Holtzman as she recovers from lung transplant surgery. Beverley received a call on Friday morning September 15th. Surgery took place at 2:00 in the afternoon. Please pray that there are no complications and that Beverley's body accepts the transplant. May God heal Beverley and restore her body to a healthy full life.

Sept 15

Beverly Holtzman received a call this morning that they may have a match for her lung transplant, and if it is surgery will be at noon today (Friday). Please pray that it is a match and that the transplant is successful.

Family of Iverly Burgess have asked that there be no visitors for the next week as family from out of the country are visiting her. Iverly's husband Richard very much appreciates the support and encouragement, however Iverly tires very easily and he wishes Iverly to have this special time with her sister Gloria who is visiting from Chile. Cards and notes have been so appreciated. Margaret Sutton is in contact with the family. Please continue to pray for Richard, Iverly & Felicia.

Sept 11

Gonzalo Librado is in Colombia spending time with his mother(who is in poor health ) and his extended family. Please pray for his interactions with them and for his safety as he travels in the country.

Please continue to pray for Iverly Burgess, who is still in Sunnybrook hospital. Iverly's sister Gloria has come from Chile to be with her.

Iverly has been upgraded to acute care but is still gravely ill. She is on strong antibiotics for infection. Iverly is still not responding favourably to the new drug for her melanoma. Please pray for strength and healing for Iverly. Please also pray for her husband Richard and their daughter Felicia as they journey through this difficult time with Iverly.

Aug 28

Iverly Burgess has been moved from critical care to acute care in Sunnybrook Health Centre.
Iverly is currently fighting a serious infection. In addition, so far Iverly'sbody has not responded favourably to a new drugfor her bone cancer. At this time Iverly is gravely ill.
Please pray that Iverly regains enough strength to fight yet again another battle within her 15 years of fighting cancer. May our Heavenly Father wrap His healing arms around her and rid her of this disease.
Please also pray for Iverly's husband Richardwho himself is not in good health.
Heavenly Father please give Richard the strength and support he needs to help his wife. Pray also for their daughter Felicia who is to start her first year ofuniversity at York, be with her during this heart wrenching time that should be such an exciting chapterin her young life.
We ask you Father God to be with this family, and to let them know that You love them and are with them through this terrifying time.

Please continue to pray for Myrna Frost.
Myrna sustained serious injury from a very bad fall at a cottage in Huntsville two weeks ago. The fall happened within the first half hour of her vacation with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson. Although x-rays do not show broken ribs the doctor said there is quite possibly hair line fractures. Myrna's back is black and she is quite incapacitated. Breathing is now ok but had been
excruciatingly painful. The doctor said her back will take at least six weeks to heal. Praise God that Myrna has wonderful family and friends helping her and looking in on her even it's just to make her a cup of tea and have a visit.
Please pray that Myrna's pain is greatly eased and that she heals quickly.

Aug 17 2017

Margaret Irwin wishes to thank everyone for their prayers for a friend Andy who passed away on Tuesday August 15th. Margaret would appreciate prayers for Andy's 85 year old mother whom he visited every day, she will sorely miss him. Please also pray for his four sisters and their families. Please pray for comfort at this sad time.

Jane McClean is asking for prayers for her friends Katie and Gerry. Gerry is suffering from liver cancer and they are now entering the palliative care process. Katie is a nurse and they are hoping to keep Gerry at home. Katie attends a weekly support group to help her manage her grief during this difficult time. Please pray for peace and comfort for the family.

Aug 10 2017

Please pray for the community of Moose Deer Point reserve following a tragic car accident yesterday that took the life of Sue Williams, mother of 5. Two of the children in the car were flown to Sick Kids, one is in stable condition and one needs surgery for serious head injuries. Please pray for all five children and their families.

Margaret Irwin wishes to thank everyone for their prayersfor her stepson Brian. 
Margaret is also asking for prayers for a dear friend's 57 year old brother Andy. Andy is on life support in palliative care in Oakville hospital suffering from pancriatitis. He is a fighter and has a strong will to live. Please pray for peace, strength and healing for Andy.

Karen Cassel wishes to thank everyone for their prayers for her sister Elaine. Elaine is recovering from her brain hemorrhage. She has been discharged from the hospital and is being cared for by Karen in Karen's home. Please pray for them as they work together to bring Elaine through this challenging journey. Pray also for strength and healing.

Aug 9 2017

Margaret Irwin wishes to thank everyone for their prayersfor her stepson Brian. 

Margaret is also asking for prayers for a dear friend's 57 year old brother Andy. Andy is on life support in palliative care in Oakville hospital suffering from pancriatitis. He is a fighter and has a strong will to live. Please pray for peace, strength and healing for Andy.

Aug 3 2017

One of our summer interns, Ryan Wong, his grandfather passed away this morning. Please keep him and his family in your prayers, as they grieve the loss of their beloved father and grandfather, and prepare for funeral arrangement.

Karen Cassel is asking for prayers for her sister Elaine. Elaine has been admitted into Grace Hospital suffering with a brain bleed. Please pray that the bleeding is controlled quickly and that there are no serious consequences. Pray that our Almighty Father and Healer returns Elaine to full health. 

Iverley Burgess is in Sunnybrook Health Centre. She hasblood infection. Iverley had recently been approved for a new drug for her cancer and was so hopeful that it would put her into remission. Please pray for her as she faces this new battle and for total healing

July 31 2017

Please pray for the family of Lynn Helwig as they grieve his death early July. Lynn was a member of Spring Garden for 61 years, faithfully serving as a greeter and usher until his health made him unable. For more information you can read his obituary here

Please continue to pray for the Dale community (a community in Parkdale of people experiencing "poverty of spirit or space") as they grieve the recent deaths of two of their friends, John Bransfield and Nicole. Memorial services will be held for John at 1pm Aug 1 and for Nicole at 11am Aug 3rd at Church of the Epiphany and St. Mark.

July 27 2017

Please pray for the Dale community (a community in Parkdale of people experiencing "poverty of spirit or space") as they grieve the recent deaths of two of their friends, John Bransfield and Nicole. Memorial services will be held for John at 1pm Aug 1 and for Nicole at 11am Aug 3rd at Church of the Epiphany and St. Mark.

July 25 2017

Iverley Burgess wishes to thank everyone for their prayers. She has been approved for a new drug for her cancer. This drug is very expensive and Iverley is grateful that the drug is being covered by insurance. Pray for immediate remission and eventual healing for Iverly.

July 24 2017

A prayer request from Jane McClean

Our friend Al is in palliative care at Providence Healthcare Centre. Prostrate cancer has spread to his bones. He is now having paranoid delusions.The doctors have given him 2 weeks. Please pray that he will be at peace as the end draws near. Pray that God would touch his heart as he is not a believer.

Thank you

July 19 2017

Sandra Howes is asking for prayers for her adoptive nephew Tim. Tim is autistic and also suffers the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome. This weekend Tim will be in the Special Olympics in Moncton, New Brunswick. This is the first time the 20 year old Tim will be away from his mom, Sandra's sister. The family are anxious  and excited for Tim. Please pray for a positive experience and safe event for Tim. Please also pray for his family during this time as they nervously and encouragingly allow Tim this wonderful opportunity.

July 18 2017

Margaret and John Irwin are asking for prayers for their son  Brian who was diagnosed with lung cancer and has had a lobe removed. He is to have chemotherapy and radiation.Please pray for healing and strength for Brian, and to feel  Gods presence throughout this difficult journey. Pray also for his family and his parents John and Margaret as they support him emotionally and spiritually.

June 8 2017

Kishanth Seevaratnam’s father, Levin Seevaratnam, passed away today. The funeral will take place this Saturday June 10 at 3:30pm at Highland Funeral Home in Scarborough. Rev. Margaret Sutton will be leading the funeral. Please pray for Kishanth, his wife Anjana, their children, his mother and siblings as they mourn the passing of their beloved father and grandfather.

May 28 2017

One of our beloved Spring sisters, Debbie Bennett, passed away from natural causes at age 65 last week.  Please pray for her sister, Rebekah, and other family members as they mourn the sudden loss of Debbie. Please pray for The Thursday Bunch group in which Debbie has been a faithful member for many years. The group members are grieving for the departure of their very dear and special friend. 




May 25 2017

Alison Mary Turnbull passed away on May 18 at 96 years of age. She was born in Adelaide, Australia to Reverend Johnson and Mrs Mabel Turnbull. Alison will be greatly missed by her two sisters, Lola- 98 years, and Trissie, 94 years. Her 27 nieces and nephews have loved her and appreciated her love, concern, and prayers for each and all. There will be a Tea of Remembrance for Alison on Sunday, May 28 at 33 Island Lake Dr., Stouffville from 2pm to 5 pm. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Canadian Baptist International Ministries (7185 Millcreek Dr., Mississauga, On, L5N 5R4).
If you have questions, Barbara can be contacted at

May 18 2017

Prayer request from Jane McClean:

My friend Roma who lives in Calgary, has recently been diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma with T cell involvement which compromises her immune system. She has started Chemo and is hoping to have a Stem Cell Transplant sometime in the summer. She wants to do whatever she can to fight this and is hopeful for a good outcome. Thanks for your prayers!

May 17 2017

An update from Beverly Holtzman: So I signed all the paperwork to be listed, Great. But when I got there they said they were listing me for a single or a double. I was shocked, they never mentioned that to me before. The Dr's say it is better because I have 3 options of getting lungs, double, single right and single left. But I do not want a single? I can't imagine having one good lung and one bad lung! I need to investigate this further with my Dr to find out why they made that decision. Please pray that God know what he is doing by listing me this way.

May 11 2017

Please pray for Beverly Holtzman as she awaits for her lung transplant. She also needs to be off one of her regular medications that has been really helpful to her during the preparation period. She is feeling anxious and scared about the med adjustment and the surgery. Please pray that she will adjust well to the medication change and receive her transplant soon. Her transplant appointment is May 15 after which she will be officially wait-listed.

March 24 2017

As some of you know, last year around April and May, a group of people from SGC were helping a Slovakian refugee woman named Valentina. Victoria Shipmaker shared her story during our congregational budget meeting 3 weeks ago. Valentina has recently decided to return to her home country and to her relatives as living in Canada alone with no one to support her has proven to be extremely difficult. SGC (along with other churches) and her legal team are trying to fundraise air fares for her and for a chaperon to accompany her. Please pray for all the legal processes that she has to go through and a smooth and safe journey home. Please also pray for the fundraising effort. If you would like to participate in this fundraising, please contact Suzanna Lai at 416-223-4593 x 221. It will be a non-tax receipted contribution but every little bit counts. Thank you. 

March 14 2017

Margret Irwin thanks everyone for all the loving and kind cards and prayers she and John have received. She especially wants to thank the children who made hand written cards for her. Please continue to pray for her recovery and rehabilitation, and John's transition to living in a nursing home. 

Praise the Lord that Zephan has gotten better and returned home. Thank you for praying for him and his parents, Ruby and Mike Childs.

March 11 2017

Jen Chrystman, our long term missionary to the Philippines, is returning to Toronto for her last home assignment starting July 2017. Please pray for her transition back to Toronto and working to manage OMF Toronto Centre. As she prepares for her resettlement, she is also seeking the use of a vehicle, less than 15 years of age.

Feb 26 2017

Please pray for Sandra Howes' nephew Dylan and his classmates. They are going on a week long mission trip to Bolivia. Please pray for their safety, protection and good health.May they be filled spiritually as they do God's work.

A message from Ruby and Mike Child's.

Please pray for Zephan. He is having a procedure done to drain fluid from his lungs.If this  doesn't have favourable results, he will have to have surgery to alleviate the build up. Zephan gets weak and is bored with his on going treatments. He would like to just enjoy being a little boy.

Pray for healing for Zephan.

Feb 22 2017

Karen Cassel received a call from Sunnybrook hospital last night to tell her that Jean Rorke had passed away. Jean is now free from pain and joins her beloved Bryan in heaven. Please pray for their families as they grieve, especially Bryan's son Greg.

Karen is helping with funeral arrangements and will let everyone know details as soon as possible.

Feb 16 2017

A further update concerning Margaret Irwin.
Margaret is still in the hospital recovering from her hip surgery. Margaret's family is taking wonderful care of her needs as she recuperates. At this time they are looking into a long term care facility for John who is not able to be on his own. This is very stressful for both John and Margaret. Unfortunately Margaret is not up to receiving phone calls or visitors.Ironically, for decades, Margaret has been the "Spring Garden Church, Every Occasion Card Sender"to both past and present church family and friends. A thoughtful way of expressing our love and prayers for Margaret,can now be our turn, with cards sent to her home address.
Margaret Sutton will let everyone know when Margaret Irwin is well enough again to resume calls and visitors.

Feb 5 2017

Please pray for Margaret and John Irwin. Margaret fell on Sunday Feb 5 during church coffee hour, injured her hip, and was admitted into the hospital. John is currently staying with their grand-daughter. Please pray for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery if Margaret requires a surgery for her hip. Please pray for John as he has to adjust to living with his grand-daughter and without Margaret for the next while. 

Feb 3 2017

Joyce Richardson is asking for prayers for extremely serious situations in Kenya. The doctor's strike is in its ninth week.  The threat of the nurses and private doctors also strikingwill leave as many as 46 million people, many of them poor and needy without medical care. People are dying because of this health care crisis. 

Joyce also tells us that after prayerson Sunday for rain – it began to rain! This is unusual for rains to come in January – as opposed to April; but whenthey were to come late in the fall they failed…. We hear reports of various places in Kenya getting some rain… so we pray on. Animals are dying in the safari areas and many animals have retreated to Tanzania… so we hear. People are without food so the church is gathering food to send to some areas….

All this distress is while supposed elections approach in august.. but voters have not registered….. pre-occupied with survival they say…. Thanks for upholding us and this country in prayer.

Jan 20 2017

Please pray for the Cobblestone Church in Paris Ontario. Joanna James’ sister attends the church. One of their church member’s baby passed away unexpectedly this week. Little Lucas was only 5 months old. He had kidney failure. It's a small church so everyone is quite devastated. Please pray for the church and little Lucas’ family. 

Jan 17 2017

Joy Wilton passed away January 12th. from bone marrow cancer. Please keep her husband John and families in your prayers. 

A memorial service will be held on  on Friday January 27th at Uxbridge Baptist at 11a.m.

Jan 11 2017

Prayer request from Beverly Holtzman

There is one more test I need to have before they can list me for a double lung transplant. It is an Angiogram, they do not do this test unless the believe you will be listed because it is quite invasive. Mine is scheduled for Tuesday January 10 at 7:00am . They check your heart by sending a scope in through an artery in your groin. Please prayer it goes well and there are not complications and recovery is good.

Jan 3 2017

Jean Rorke was admitted to Sunnybrook hospital two weeks ago with severe pain in her legs.  She is being treated with strong painkillers and also investigations are continuing for her blood disorder.  She has been receiving multiple transfusions of platelets and blood. The whole process is very exhausting for her but she would appreciate brief visits and lots of prayer.  Please also pray that she will be able to walk again soon and that doctors find a cure for her blood disorder

Please also keep Karen Cassel in your prayers as she continues to extend herself with Jean's needs.

Dec 24 2016

Lillian Beckett passed away Friday December 23rd at Sheppard Lodge. Lillian's husband Douglas predeceased her in October.
Please pray for Lillian's daughters and their families during this sad time. Further details will be released as they become available.

Dec 3 2016

A celebration of our dear Thelma Bampton's life will take place on Tuesday December 6th at 11:00 a.m. It will be held at Shepherd Village Retirement Home Chapel 3760 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1T 3K9. Thelma passed away on Tuesday November 29th and she has now joyfully joined our Loving Father in heaven. Please pray for comfort and strength for Thelma's family.

Dec 2 2016

Jane McClean is asking for prayers for her friend Al who is undergoing treatment for prostate  and bone cancer. Please pray for healing for Al as he undergoes treatment with a new drug which unfortunately causes terrible side effects. Please also pray for strength for Al's friend Nancy who is supporting him through this terrible time.

Nov 29 2016

Our much loved Thelma Bampton passed away this afternoon. Thelma's pain and suffering is now over as she joins her glorious Heavenly Father. Please pray for Thelma's family at this sad time and pray for safe travel as they make their way to Toronto. Funeral details will follow as they become available. 

Nov 25 2016

Please pray for Ruth Thompson as she has now been entered into a nursing home. Change has become very challenging and upsetting for Ruth. Pray that the transition for her can be as calm and peaceful as possible. As Ruth becomes familiar with her new surroundings and caregivers may she find comfort in knowing her Almighty Comforter Jesus Christ is by her side. Please also pray for Faith Holwyn as she helps Ruth transition into her new home. Faith suffered a fall during this time, may she have relief from pain. May God refuel her both spiritually and physically as she copes with her many acts of care and kindness for Ruth.  

Nov 21 2016

Prayer request from Beverly Holtzman: I have completed my week long string of tests known as Transplant Assessment. It was not to difficult and went very smoothly. Thanks for your prayer.
Going forward please pray for wisdom for transplant team at Toronto General Hospital to review this information and discovery that I am a good candidate to be put on the list. All is God's timing.

Please pray for Sandra Howes and her family in Owen Sound. Sandra's niece Mary and Mary's husband Andrew are mourning after the death their son. Baby Reed was just two and a half weeks old. May they be surrounded by loving, caring and understanding people as they grieve such an unimaginable tragedy. During the very difficult days ahead may they turn to our Almighty Father who's love is ultimately the way to their comfort and healing.

Please continue to pray for all the displaced people in Welfareville in the Philippines after a fire burned out their dwellings.Thousands have become homeless and are being housed in schools and hospitals. Pray that their needs are being met especially food and medical care. Pray that various level of government and agencies come together to have their homes replaced. Pray also for Jen Chrystman as she continues to minister in the Philippines. May we pray for strength,guidance, safety and continued funding to meet the needs she faces daily.

Please continue to pray for Thelma Anderson . The relapse of cancer has been devastating. The chemo treatments this time have been very difficult. Pray for healing for Thelma and comfort with her treatments. Please also pray for Carl as he is also affected as he tries to help Thelma through this very difficult time. 

Nov 14 2016

Jen  Christman has called from the Philippines to ask for prayers. There is a raging fire in the slums trucks cannot make it through narrow alleyways. Block 35 has totally burned down, blocks 34 and 36 also have damage...1,319 families have been burned out of their dwellings, 5,892 individuals have registered and fled  and are taking refuge in schools and hospitals. Jen said she knows at this point there have been three casualties. Jen will keep us informed as to the situation there. Please pray that they are able to contain and stop the fire with no further loss of life. May we also please pray for, their safety, for much needed lodging and for enough food. As we pray for their needs to be met may they find warm comfort,hope and love within God's almighty arms.

Nov 9 2016

A praise report from Jane McClean, praise and thanksgiving to God for gracious gifts received. Cheryl's tumour has shrunk and she is now able to return to work. We are also so grateful that Nancy did not lose her job. Thank you to Spring Garden prayer warriorsfor all their prayers.

Nov 7 2016

(from Beverly Holzman): The time has finally arrived for my week long testing for transplant assessment. It is only the pre testing to see if I am health and a good candidate for a double lung transplant. Once testing is complete a group of doctors will decide if I am ready for transplant. Please prayer that the tests go well and the doctors do not find anything wrong that could disqualify me for transplant.

Nov 2 2016

Please pray for the Linton family following the recent death of their daughter Elisa who died peacefully in her sleep. Pray for God's comforting presence to be with them as they mourn her death and celebrate her life.

Oct 31 2016

Prayer Request from Nick Cox: Of the neighbours I have appreciated getting to know on my street, the ones across from me have been the nicest. Tonight I just found out that Roger had a massive stroke on Tuesday and is now in Sunnybrook. He does have some cognitive impairment and left side paralysis. Please pray for him and his wife Nell especially as they go through this dark time AND try to sell their house as well. Please pray for me too as I try to figure out how to be Jesus' hands and feet in this situation.

Prayer request update from Jane McClean: I just got an update today on Gerry.(My sister's friend). There is leaking from his surgery, and they are trying to fix that. Also there is miscommunication between the surgeon and the oncologist. He and his wife are frustrated by the run around they are getting.Please continue to pray for Gerry, for healing and for co-operation between the doctors. Thank you!

Oct 27 2016

Prayer request from Jane McClean: Please pray for my friend, Nancy, who has been laid off from her job. She is very depressed, even to the point of being suicidal. Please pray that God would heal her depression and that He would provide a new job for her.

Oct 22 2016

Please keep Margaret (and John) Irwin in your thoughts and prayers as Margaret had an accidental fall in her home on Friday evening October 21 resulting in head injuries. After spending most of the night in hospital undergoing CT Scan, x-rays and examination she was released with a confirmed broken nose, badly injured wrists and legs and will require follow up treatments and procedures over the coming days.

Douglas Sidney Beckett passed away October 16th. Buried on October 20th. Celebration of Life will be at Shepherd Village Sanctuary November 19th 10 a.m. Obituary was in Friday's Star. Lillian still resides at the Lodge.

Oct 11 2016

Please pray for Gonzalo Librado who had to travel to Colombia because of his mother's illness. Pray for the mother's recovery, for his sister who is the main caregiver and his safe return home

September 27

Prayer request from Jane McClean: Please continue to pray for my sister's friend, Gerry, who will be having surgery tomorrow, September 27th for a liver bisection. This will be a 12 hour surgery and he will be in hospital for a week. Please pray for great skill and energy for the surgeon. Please pray for Gerry's wife, Katie, and their son as they cover each other off in the hospital tomorrow. Pray that the surgery will be successful. The family thanks you for your prayers.

Please continue to keep Mary Thiele in your prayer. The cause of her pain was identified and she is currently receiving medication for it. Please pray for speedy and full recovery. 

September 22 2016

George Vanderwerf is in the hospital with pneumonia. Please pray for healing and speedy recovery. May God's peace and love surround his family at this time. 

Mary Thiele is in Quebec with her daughter but has been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain for the past week. She’s been in and out of the hospital multiple times but the doctors couldn’t figure out the cause even after having done all the imaging tests. Please pray for healing and recovery. Please pray for her family as they look after her. The hospital is 1.5 hours away from their residence. 

September 8 2016

Jane McClean's sister's friend, Gerry, has just been diagnosed with bio duct and liver cancer. He is a year older than the limit for a liver transplant. The prognosis is NOT good. The doctors are going to try surgery to do a bisection. Please pray for Gerry and his wife, Katie as they go through this difficult time.

Jane McClean's friend Cheryl wishes to thank Spring Garden for our prayers for healing for her melanoma. She is receiving radiation treatments and the tumors are shrinking. Please continue to pray! Thank you.

Margaret Irwin's  friend Anne wishes to thank everyone for past prayers. Anne is now facing serious skin graft surgery on her leg. Please pray for healing and comfort for Anne.

Lotte has requested prayer to help her find a tenant for her basement apartment. Lotte would love to have a Godly person to share her space.

June 12 2016

Our Lego City + Learn 2 Bike summer camp is starting next Monday June 18. Please pray for Sam, Jeremy, Lindzie, Annie, Jesse, Krista and all their YU interns as they work together to prepare for the camp. Please pray for:

  • Children to come to know Jesus deeper

  • Saftey

  • Spirit of fun and excitement

  • Energy and wisdom with staff to run camp well

June 12 2016

Our condolences and prayers are with Trish Wilkinson's family. Trish's father, Dr. James Paton Gracie passed away on Sunday July 10 surrounded by family. The family will receive friends at the HUMPHREY FUNERAL HOME A.W. MILES – NEWBIGGING CHAPEL, 1403 Bayview Avenue (south of Davisville Avenue) from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13th. A Service of Celebration will take place at EGLINTON ST. GEORGE'S UNITED CHURCH, 35 Lytton Boulevard at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 14th. If desired, donations may be made to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Condolences and memories may be forwarded through Please pray for Trish and her family as they grieve for the passing of their beloved father, grandfather, and great-grandfather; while remembering and celebrating the full life he lived. 

Please click on the following link to access Dr. James Gracie's obituary:

June 16 2016

Jane McClean is asking for prayers for her friend Cheryl. Cheryl had stage 4 melanoma a number of years ago and was healed  and had been cancer free for quite a while. The melanoma however has come back and is now at stage 3 in her neck. One lymph node has attached itself to her jugular vein, which is also in the same bundle of nerves that controls her right arm. Cheryl has tried chemo pills but they were too strong. They are now looking at the possibility of surgery or radiation. Please pray that Cheryl and the doctors make the right decision as to which treatment will eradicate the cancer. Please pray that if the risky surgery is in order that is successful and restores Cheryl to good health. Please pray for peace,comfort and hope for Cheryl as these life decisions are being made. May our Almighty Healer God once again be with Cheryl as He heals her.

June 2 2016

Suzanna Lai, our church office and communications manager's grandfather in Taiwan passed away on Tuesday May 31 from a heart attack. She thanks everyone from Spring Garden family who prayed for her grandfather since February. The family is grieving for his passing but thankful that God took him home peacefully and shortened his physical suffering on earth. He lived a full life to the age of 93 and now joins his wife in the Heavenly Kingdom. 

Please pray for Suzanna's family as they grieve for their loss and celebrate his life and memories. 

May 26 2016

Please pray for 12 year old Tyler Lavalee. Tyler had a fall of 15 feet out of a tree. His cheek needs to be replaced as the damage to it is too extensive to repair. He is having surgery on Tuesday to replace it.  Tyler is a friend of Myrna Frost's grandson Gabriel. Gabriel has been spending much time with Tyler who is confined to an up right chair. Please pray that the surgery is completely successful and that Tyler will not suffer side effects. Pray for strength and comfort and that his pain is insignificant. May God place His healing hands on Tyler's so severely broken face. Please continue to give Gabriel the time and strength to continue being such a huge support for Tyler.

May 19 2016

Please pray for Thelma Bampton as she has been discharged from a providence Villa and is now in residence at the Sheppard Terrace in one of the progressive care buildings where she will receive more nursing care than she needed in the Lodge in the same facility. Thelma consequently is very confused and somewhat disoriented. Please pray that as her daughter Janice leave tomorrow to go back to BC that Thelma will settle in peacefully and become content with her new home.

Please pray for Gene Lamb, formerly of Spring Garden Church and Godfather to Opal Fuller's grandchildren. Gene is suffering from a serious loss of coordination and is now having difficulty walking. Please pray that the doctors will be able to diagnose his condition and in turn be able to treat this disorder. Pray for peace, patience and healing for Gene as he puts his faith and trust in our Almighty Healer, our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

May 17 2016

Update from Jean Rorke
I saw my Specialist yesterday and she was really pleased with how things are progressing.  My platelets were 31 and Haemoglobin was 109 - both good.   My white blood count was even back up to the normal range.
From now on I will get my blood checked once every 2 weeks and I can have that done at the lab near me.  No transfusions for now.
I am so verygrateful to the Lord and give thanks and praise to Him.
Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer. God Bless,

Jane McClean is asking for prayers for her daughter Julie.  Julie is looking employment in the social services area which she has been trained in and has much experience in specific areas. Julie has become quite frustrated and feeling hopeless. Please pray that Julie will find the right avenue to fulfill her need in finding employment in her field. May she trust in our Lord and feel His presence as she waits for the door He has for her to open.

May 9 2016

Please pray for Faith Holywn who is grieving the death of her much loved sister in law Helen who passed away on Friday in Vancouver. Pray for comfort and peace for Faith and other family members as they travel to BC on Thursday

Margaret Irwin is asking for prayers for her friend Ann who is suffering with serious back pain. She had hyperbaric chamber treatment on  her leg but the pain has now gone into her back and is excruciating. Please pray for comfort and relief for Ann from this debilitating condition.

April 22 2015
Please pray for Opal Fuller's brother Lee who suffered a heart attack on April 19th at Toronto Pearson Airport. Lee and his wife were on their way from Jamaica to visit Opal whom they had not seen for over 40 years. Please pray that as he undergoes surgery it will be successful and that he will make a full recovery.Pray that he can find comfort and healing so that he and his wife can enjoy this very special time with Opal.

May we also continue to pray for Bob and Arlene Stiles, Iverly and Richard Burgess, Thelma Bampton and Jean Roark as they cope with serious health issues. Pray for healing, comfort and strength for them and their families as they place their lives in our Awesome Heavenly Father's Hands. Pray for wisdom for their respective medical teams as they design the best treatments available for them in order to bring them to fully restored health.

If you plan to visit Thelma Bampton call the hospital first to confirm Thelma’s condition before visiting. Thelma is on 4 Dof Scarborough Grace Hospital. The plan is to send Thelma to Providence Villa for rehab when she is able.


Tuesday April 12

 JEAN MONTGOMERY McDIARMID (nee WAGHORNE), Passed away peacefully in her 92nd year, at Aurora Resthaven on April 11, 2016. Jean’s time on earth was full of joy and happiness; and she was verymuch involved with her local church. She is now with her beloved husband, Hugh. Jean leaves behind her sons Glenn and Scott (wife Gisele) and her 5 grandchildren Graeme, Chloe, Christopher, Katherine and Melanie. Visitation will be held on Thursday, April 14th from 3 p.m. until time of Funeral Service at 4 p.m. at the R.S. Kane Funeral Home, 6150 Yonge Street (at Goulding, south of Steeles). Private internment. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Spring Garden Baptist Church, General Fund via:  or by mail to 112 Spring Garden Ave. Toronto ON. M2N 3G3 would be appreciated. Condolences may be made at ; Tel: 416-221-1159.

Monday April 11

Please pray for Thelma Bampton who has been hospitalized suffering from pneumonia. Thelma is very susceptible to this disease. Please pray that the antibiotics clear the pneumonia and that she once again recovers from it. Thelma is confused and frustrated with her condition. Her daughter is to arrive from B.C. today to support her mother. Thelma is in Grace hospital on Birchmount Road. Please pray that Thelma finds comfort and healing from our Heavenly Father.

Friday April 8 2016

Please pray for Iverly Burgess who continues to fight blood cancer. She is no longer a candidate for the experimental medication that she was taking. Please pray that her doctors can find s medication to help her fight this disease.

Please continue to pray for Bob Stiles as he recovers from his transplant on Monday. He is doing ok but very tired. Pray that these stem cells halt this cancer. Pray for full healing for Bob. Pray also for hope,comfort and strength for Arlene and Bob as they continue to trust and put Bob's healing in our Awesome Almighty Healer God. 

Thursday April 7 2016

Update from Jean Rorke:

Once again, thank you so much for your prayers.
I went to see my Specialist on Monday and she told me that it may take several weeks before results from the Rituxan treatment are seen.  My platelets have been fluctuating andthat often happens too.  I will see her again in 6 weeks.  In the meantime I will continue to have transfusions as necessary
Platelets were down to 5 so I had a transfusion today.  Hb 109 so that's increasing which is good.  My mouth and nose are much better and I have only a bit of spontaneous bruising.
I give thanks and praise to God that I have had few side effects from the treatments and that I am still hopeful that Rituxan will work for me.  Please pray my platelets will increase steadily.  Thank you all for caring.

Friday April 1 2016

Please pray for Marion Hedley's  friend Becky who has been diagnosed with early stage cancer. Please pray that treatment will halt the disease and that Becky will feel God's healing care.

Thursday March 31 2016

Update on Bob Stiles

Bob is scheduled to have a stem cell transplant on April 4th and he will be in the hospital for 2 weeks after the transplant. Short phone calls and visits are welcome to help him get through the next 2 uncomfortable weeks. Please pray for the surgery and his recovery after. If you would like to visit Bob, please contact Arlene before your visit as there are a few restrictions that hospital visitors must adhere to.

Tuesday MArch 29 2016

Mona Marie CAMERON, At 98 years of age and surrounded by her children, went to be with the Lord from Bethany Lodge on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Visitation will take place at the Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home, 157 Main St. S., Newmarket, on Thursday, March 31, 2016 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A celebration of her life will be held at the Christian Baptist Church, 135 Main St. S., Newmarket, on Friday, April 1, 2016 at 1 p.m. with visitation beginning at 12 p.m. Donations in Mona's memory may be made to the Bethany Lodge. Please pray for her family at this time of bereavement.

Saturday March 19, 2016

Please pray for Beverley Holtzman as she takes some time off work to rest, reflect and pray. She has many decisions to make about how to move forward with managing LAM’s (lymphangioleiomyomatosis) disease; whether to get on the list for a lung transplant now while strong and fit of if she should wait until she gets sicker. Please pray for wisdom and strength.

Monday march 14, 2016

Thank you for your prayers for Suzanna Lai's grandfather. Against all odds he has miraculously regained consciousness and is now able to breath on his own. As a result Suzanna has been able to connect with him while in Taiwan. Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer.

Please continue to pray for Myrna Frost as her loving husband Bill recently passed away. Please pray for peace and strength for Myrna, her son Andrew, daughter Heather, son in law Barry and their son Gabriel at this sad time. 
Funeral arrangements are as follows. 
Visitation is Friday March 18th from 2-4 and 7-9 at R.S. Kane Funeral Home 6150 Yonge Street in North York. Bill's funeral service will be at Spring Garden Church on Saturday March 19th at 2:00 with reception to follow.

Friday March 11, 2016

Please pray for Myrna Frost; her loving husband Bill passed away yesterday morning. Please pray for peace and strength for Myrna, her son Andrew, daughter Heather, son in law Barry and their son Gabriel at this sad time. 
Funeral arrangements are as follows. 
Visitation is Friday March 18th from 2-4 and 7-9 at R.S. Kane Funeral Home 6150 Yonge Street in North York. Bill's funeral service will be at Spring Garden Church on Saturday March 19th at 2:00 with reception to follow

Thursday March 10, 2016

Sadly, Bill Frost passed away this morning. Please pray for Myrna, her daughter Heather and the rest of the family at this very difficult time.

Monday March 7, 2016

Please pray for Jean Rorke as she will be starting new treatments on Wednesday for her low blood platelet levels. She is also continuing to have bleeding from her nose and mouth. Please pray that this treatment will be effective in bringing her platelets back up to healthy levels.

Please pray for Bill and Myrna Frost, Myrna hurt her back very badly and walking is quite difficult, she is seeing the doctor again this afternoon. Bill is not doing very well at all, he has now stopped eating and drinking.

Please pray for comfort for Bill and that he will feel God's loving care and presence. May we pray  to our Almighty Heavenly Father to give Myrna much spiritual and physical strength as she suffers through stressful and painful time

Thursday March 3, 2016

Myrna Frost is asking for prayers for her husband Bill, he is ill and may have pneumonia. Myrna is meeting with Bill's doctors this morning. Please pray for Bill's comfort and healing and wisdom for his medical team.

Myrna has hurt her back and is having difficulty walking. Please pray for healing for Myrna's back and pain relief as she deals with both her own as well as Bill's needs.

TUesday Feb 23 2016

Garth Barron's father, Norman, passed away on Sunday Feb 21st at the age of 92. Please pray for Anne and Garth, Garth's mother, his 2 brothers and 2 sisters as they grieve this loss. Pray also for safety as they fly to Thunder Bay then drive to Fort Frances to be with family.

Friday Feb 19 2016

Please pray for Suzanna Lai and her family as they travel to Taiwan to visit her ailing grandfather. Please pray that she and her family will have a meaningful and blessed time with him before he returns to the Lord. Please pray for safe travel, good health while traveling, and quality time with relatives.

Update from Jean Rorke: 
I have now been on the new medication for 3 weeks with an increase in dose after 2 weeks and my platelets are not increasing.  I am still having platelet transfusions twice a week.  Please pray that the medication would begin to work soon and that the funding would be approved so I can continue with it.  Please also pray that I will be able to trust that God is in control even when I am having discouraging results.  Thank you all for your love and prayers.

Wednesday feb 10 2016

Alice Hanney Spuffard's (Margaret Sutton's mom) visitation and funeral details are as follow:

Visitation: Thursday Feb 11 2016, 2-4pm and 7-9pm at Scott Funeral Home. 1273 Weston Road, Toronto. 

Funeral Service : Friday Feb 12 2016, 11am. Scott Funeral Home Chapel. 

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to North Runnymede United Church, 33 Pritchard Ave., Toronto M6N 1T4 OR to the Dorothy Ley Hospice. 

Tuesday Feb 9 2016

Margaret Sutton, our pastoral care and seniors pastor, her mom Alice passed away this morning. Alice was also the grandmother of one of our elders, Corrine. Our deepest condolences from the Spring Garden family. Please pray for Margaret and her family. May the Lord give them peace and strength at this time of bereavement and celebration of Alice's life. Please pray for the funeral planning and days ahead for them


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