A Little Bit About SGC


Our History

After WWII, a Baptist field worker began canvassing the newly built bungalows in a rapidly developing area just north of Toronto, known as Lansing. Early in 1949, nine people started worshipping together in a home, then in the basement of a local Legion Hall on Spring Garden Avenue, in the Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue area. By 1951, a small building had been built, and the group had affiliated itself with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) with one aim: "to extend the Kingdom of God, and make known the gospel of Christ through an evangelical witness in our community".

Fifty years later, many of those original bungalows have been replaced with high-rise condominiums and huge houses; the subway, office towers, and cultural venues have turned a quiet neighbourhood into a busy urban hub; a homogenous Caucasian demographic has shifted to include many ethnic groups, especially Chinese, Korean, and Iranian. Members of Spring Garden now come from many backgrounds and races, and many parts of the GTA, but still hold to that original aim: to make Christ known in our increasingly complex and diverse community!