The culture and climate of the church is one that is going through dramatic changes.  The church of our parents was quite different than that of our time. Gene has been reflecting on the culture and climate of the church through a series called musings.  You can find these thoughts here.

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What is Happening to the Church?

Whatever Happened to Altar Calls, “Just as I Am” and Pastors in Suits?

The Holy Spirit: Back to the Future

The Holy Spirit - Back to the Future, the Sequel

“Do you believe the Bible?”


Sermon, Homily, Message, Teaching: What is that 25 Minutes when the Pastor gets up and Talks?

Missions and Mission

The Moral Absolute

The Power Of Story

Purgatory, Faith And Doctrinal Purity

Marbles, Magnets and Spiritual Maturity: Who Belongs?New Page