Sunday December 18th, 6:30pm @Spring Garden Church

 Click on the image for digital invitation

Click on the image for digital invitation

A festive evening of funky Christmas fun!

Join us @Spring Garden as we sing favorite Christmas songs with an upbeat band and eat lots of great desserts. This evening is designed to be a fun invite for friends, neighbours, family members or coworkers who enjoy the holiday season, music and food.

If you would like to invite someone, physical invitations are available at the entrances of the SGC building, and digital invitations can be downloaded by clicking on the image or clicking here

If you would like to help us make the evening a success, we are looking for people to bake their best home-baked (peanut free) desserts! Please let us know if this is a way you’d like to help out.

Admission is free. There will be a donation box in aid of “The Drop-Inn”, a local weekly drop-in for the marginalized and underhoused providing meals, showers, haircuts, etc.

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Over the past vew years the Light of the World Band has recorded a number of Christmas songs that are free to download! For Dropbox For Google drive You can listen to them all below.

mixed and mastered by Brandon Quek, produced by Brandon Quek and Greg Kay, 2015, artwork by Caroline Lee

LOTW Band: Nathan Bonney, Krysten Cameron, Colin Chapman, Wes Chapman, Greg Kay, Monica Kay, James Lee, Scott Moore, Mike Penner, Brandon Quek

Choir: Anne Barron, Miriam Change, Cheryl Chapman, Colin Chapman, Wes Chapman,  Don Hopkins, Chloe Kay, Monica Kay, Andrew Little, Annabelle Little, Jeff McGee, Phyllis McGee