Join us Sunday mornings at 10am as we gather for communal worship. From now until February 15 we will be centering our worship around the theme of Laying the Foundation, where Jesus is the starting point and foundation for developing our lives and minds as His disciples. The Scripture passages and themes we will be focusing on are the same ones that our preschoolers are learning about as well!

If you would like a list of themes and Scriptures for the series, click here

Jan 2015 Delve

Delve is a monthly publication with events, stories & information about the Spring Garden Community. The January issue is now available.

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NEW Young Adults Life Group

Young adults life group for age 18 - 30 is starting!  For more info, please contact Jeremy Ranasinghe:

parking pass

NEW Church Parking Pass

Please refer to January 2015 Delve for details.