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Angel Tree Christmas

What was your best Christmas gift?  Perhaps it was the one that was the most unexpected.  Or perhaps it was one that came from someone who was very special.  Perhaps the meaning behind the gift was more important than the gift itself.  This year the Spring Garden Community is invited to give a special gift to a child living in our area who is separated from a parent in jail.  Your role is to buy and wrap the gift and deliver it to the family on behalf of the prisoner.  In effect you become the hands and feet of those who do not have a means of buying anything for their child.   

You may wish to sponsor one child, or a whole family.  You can sponsor as an individual, a family or a group.  We are also happy to pair up people who are willing to deliver with those who are able to make the purchases.  We also encourage inviting the family‚Äôs we sponsor to join us for one of our Christmas gatherings (Light of the World, Christmas Eve, etc.). In these ways of giving we offer families the hope of a community ready to receive them all year long. 

Gifts are to be $30 per sponsored child. Care packages for the whole family are also welcomed but not required. Victoria Shipmaker will be available in the lounge after worship to answer any questions you may have.

For more information or to sign up to sponsor a child or family:


SGC page with more details

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Christmas:

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